成语故事丨An Amazing Singing

成语故事丨An Amazing Singing


The king of Chu had been a king for three years, but he never managed the state affairs. A minister was worried so he said to the king: “ I have a puzzle. Could you help me to solve it?” The king said: “ What is it?” The minister answered: “ There is a bird living in the South Mountains. It never sings or flies. Why?” 

The king smiled: “ In order to make its wings stronger, it never flies. And for knowing the situations, it never sings. Although it does not fly, it will fly straight into the sky afterwards; Even if it doesn’t sing, its singing must be surprising once it does. Don’t worry, I know what you mean.” 

After half a year, the king of Chu managed the state affairs. He abolished the unreasonable laws and made new laws. He fired the incompetent ministers and asked the learned people for help.

The State of Chu became better and better. And the king became a leader of all the countries.



1. manage:管理

2. state affairs:国务,国事

3. minister:大臣

4. puzzle:迷惑

5. in order to:为了

6. situation:情况,形势

7. abolish:废除

8. unreasonable:不合理的

9. dismiss:罢免,开除

10. incompetent:无能力的,不胜任的

11. learned:有学问的

12. ask for help:寻求帮助

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